The Ottawa Knights is a Brotherhood which strives to preserve the Leather culture through leadership, camaraderie, education, and Community service. 

When the Ottawa Knights began in 1975, homosexuality had only just been decriminalized in Canada, and simply being gay was enough to cost you your job. The club was, out of necessity, a secretive and private affair. A lot has changed in over the years. Today, gender, sexuality, and kink are not the taboo subjects that they once were. Members can be open and proud of their association. 

Some things haven't changed, however. It's still all about brotherhood*, about finding friends who share our interests and learning to embrace who we are.  The need to promote continued and greater acceptance remains. 


  • Foster the positive growth, awareness and education of the local leather fetish scene within the general GLBTTQ/Kink community.

  • Preserve and share the history of the Leather fetish lifestyle;

  • Promote respect, awareness, and tolerance of physical and cultural diversity

  • Support individual members of the Ottawa Knights in their personal and community lives